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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bshacker Mobile Console Pocket v1.12

Bshacker Mobile Console Pocket | v1.12 | 3,287 KB | Download


The world of hacker games is no longer reserved for the PC platform.

A completely new and innovative game has just landed on the PocketPC platform. Experience the unique feeling of being a hacker on the move, int this hacking simulation game.

Stay updated with new information about vulnerable targets, and be the first to hack in, cash in the money, trash the host and run away. Just watch out for the tracer so you won't be traced and continue your job safely.

A complex and intuitive interface, based on excellent graphics, will be your virtual center of operations. You can pause your mission any time, and if you exit, your assets are safely saved and you can continue anytime.


Anonymous said...

Sony Teases 3D Playstation 3 now, do you know that?

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