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Friday, March 21, 2008

Pocket Mindmap v1.3.2

Pocket Mindmap | v1.3.2 | 2,881 KB | Download


Mindmapping is already a well known technique to create and organize complex concepts or to do brainstorming. A computer combines the graphical expressiveness of the Mindmap with the computer's strength to restructure, search, move or copy and paste the content. And software can even do more: Keep track of your tasks associated with the concept, focus on specific topics, filter your topics according to certain attributes or export them to XML, HTML or Text - with Pocket Mindmap you have this strong team of tools always with you - in your Pocket PC.


- Inplace-Editing of topics in map view
- Automatic symbol association based on custom patterns
- Extended functionality in the "Add multiple" dialog
- Import of text files
- Custom file extension filters
- Search and Replace
- New Toolbar in "Add Multiple" dialog.
- Collapse / Expand topics in map view
- Task state inheritance
- "Internal" property of topics; can be suppressed when exporting to HTML, text or bitmap
- Larger scribbles
- Enhanced keyboard support
- Export scribble as bitmap
- Optional use of ClearType(TM) fonts
- Supports the keyword search of the Pocket PC 2002 help.
- Synchronization with Pocket Outlook (Tasks)
- Categories
- Floating texts
- Eagle's View
- Multiple maps in one mindmap
- Rich topic formatting: font, color, symbols
- Outline View / Map View
- Task list
- Export as HTML file or text
- Export a map as bitmap
- Cut/Copy/Paste of topics
- Search (in topic title and text)
- References between topics ("see also", "relation to", etc.)
- Custom references
- Open file format XML
- Navigate by hyperlinks between topics
- Navigate by hyperlinks between documents
- Navigate by maplinks between maps
- History of the selected topics
- Integration in the "New" menu
- MRU (Most recently used files)