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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Candy Catchup v1.0

Candy Catchup | v1.0 | 2,382 KB | Download


A game you just can't put down! Candy Catchup is simplicity itself. When you click three or more connected candies of the same color, they explode. As the level increases, you need to destroy more candies to gain extra time and survive. Earn big points by destroying a large number of candies at the once. Think you got a great high score? Compare it with the entire Pocket PC community through the online scoring system!


- Very addictive gameplay
- Juicy graphics and eye candy effects
- High quality music soundtrack and extremely pleasing sound effects
- Online highscore system - compete against every other Candy Catcher in the world!
- Clear and concise help screen
- What more do you need to make a great game?
- Available for Pocket PC (ARM-X-scale and MIPS)