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Monday, March 31, 2008

SBSH Contact Breeze v2.0

Contact Breeze | v2.0 | 654 KB | Download


ContactBreeze combines a set of innovative tools, including a large thumbs keyboard, T9 searching, complete one-handed navigation, special PIM dialing extensions for your default Calendar and Tasks applications and much more!

Contact Searching: ContactBreeze uses T9 searching, a dynamic search method used on most mobile phones. Each time you press a search button, ContactBreeze will display all contacts and one of the pressed button letters. As you tap more letter keys, only contacts containing that letter sequence will appear. Locating a contact from a list of 500 contacts will usually require only 3 taps.

Optional large thumbs keyboard or compact keyboard to search for contacts.

Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew and Geek alphabets support.

Clicking the dial button on Windows Mobile Professional devices will initiate a call to the selected contact. Clicking the D-Pad action button will open an expanded contact view.


- View all your contacts on your Today screen!
- Search your contacts using sequence or initial search!
- Easily switch to full screen mode to search for contacts "on the fly" without using your stylus!
- Browse through your contacts using the Pocket PC D-Pad!
- Open and edit your contacts in your favorite PIM: Pocket Informant, Agenda Fusion, or Pocket Outlook!
- Contacts are dynamically loaded - PPC memory is only used while viewing the contacts, and then immediately released!