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Monday, March 31, 2008

SBSH ILauncher v3.04

ILauncher | v3.04 | 3,226 KB | Download


iLauncher is an all-in-one application that brings the most powerful utilities that are missing from the Pocket PC operating system to your Pocket PC device in one package. These include: A tab-based launcher Today screen plugin with various information widgets such as battery and memory meters, speed dial shortcuts, screen capture utility and more; A task manager context menu that allows you to track and control the current active applications; A true 'X' button functionality that really shuts-down running applications as opposed to simply minimizing them; A safe-mode protection utility that makes sure your device will always initialize correctly and much more!


*NEW! - Thumb Tabs layout for optimized for thumb navigation.
*NEW! - Floating Panels technology! Maximize your Today screen experience!
- A fully customizable tab based Today screen plugin allowing you to create shortcuts to your favorite software titles organized in a tabbed interface
- Customize shortcuts order and size. Support both large shortcut icons and small shortcut icons. Optionally add captions to shortcuts with full customization capabilities
- Add meters to tabs: Memory, Battery, File Store, SD Card, CF Card and backup battery. Add control panel shortcuts.
- Create New action shortcuts to initiate new items based on the device installed software, such as: new message, contact, task, appointment and more
- Rearrange, add, remove, and name tabs
- Full D-Pad navigation support