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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Motocross Stunt Racer v1.0

Motocross Stunt Racer | v1.0 | 2,293 KB | Download


Motocross Stunt Racer is an addictive fast-action motocross game featuring great graphics and sound, tons of levels, and awesome gameplay that will keep you coming back for more!

After many months of development, Motocross Stunt Racer has been released. Delivering liquid smooth 3D gaming, full 3D models, real-time shadow casting & surface removal, a full physics system, and enough levels to choke on--it's all in there.

The game features three types of riding: racing, stunts, and free ride. Mastering the controls and details of each racing type is key to unlocking all 45 levels. And with rider profiles, starting where you left off and keeping track of your progress is a snap.


- 45 beautifully crafted levels!
- Voxel technology brings the game to life.
- Super-fluid animation, real-time shadows, and awesome frame rates.
- Realistic physics and gameplay.
- Three modes of play: Racing, Stunts, and Free Ride.
- Control with the stylus or gamepad.
- Configurable buttons and persistent settings.
- Cheats!
- Playable in both portrait or landscape device orientations.
- Real-time device orientation & gamma correction.