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Friday, March 21, 2008

Pocket Mechanic v1.6

Pocket Mechanic | v1.6 | 693 KB | Download


The leading Windows Mobile maintenance utility comes re-loaded with features and tools to keep your mobile device and storage cards in perfect shape. A complete rewrite of the award winning Pocket Mechanic application, the Professional version is faster, more powerful and is compatible with more devices.

Optimize your device and storage for peak performance, clean up system junk and free up precious memory occupied by unwanted files and OS objects, maintain the system integrity and prevent possible problems, ensure your privacy and protect your investments in storage cards and mobile device hardware by using a simple and descriptive user interface yet offering robust arsenal of powerful Pocket PC maintenance tools ? this is what Pocket Mechanic Professional does well.


- Scan and repair storage cards (NEW)
- Relocate software and data (NEW)
- Display detailed storage device information
- Analyze and display file fragmentation
- Defragment entire volumes or individual files
- Defragment RAM (NEW)
- Free RAM (NEW)
- Analyze the storage card slack space
- Logical and low-level storage card format
- Recover bad sectors (NEW)
- Registry cleanup
- Storage device benchmark (NEW)
- Find the largest files on your device
- Find the largest folders on your device
- Find and optionally fix invalid shortcuts
- Clean up notification queue duplicates
- Uninstall applications (NEW)
- Find duplicate files and optionally delete them
- View the contents of the Windows CE database volumes