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Sunday, March 23, 2008

TouchPal Pro v2.0

TouchPal Pro | v2.0 | 746 KB | Download


TouchPal is an innovative soft keyboard powered by T+ input technology. Now, TouchPal v2.0 is coming with more great features!

Faster Input, Less Effort

Thumb-friendly big buttons
Up to 300 chars/min
Excellent word prediction
Mistyping correction new!
Innovative word association
In-place case switching
Input punctuations and digits without view switching new!

Multi-language Support new!

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch (and more coming...)
Comprehensive dictionaries (40,000 English words, 140,000 French words...)
Dynamic language switching
Innovative word association
Accent letter prediction (e.g. press "a" for "รก")

Highly Customizable

Dynamic resizable layout (enlarged/normal/reduced) new!
"My sentences" with parameters (e.g., "See you in X mins") new!
"My commands" (e.g., Undo, Select All+Copy, ...) new!
Customizable emotion symbols (e.g. :-o, ^_^) new!
Drag'n drop SPACE button

Optimized Resource new!

<1M installation size
Install to Storage Card