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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Concrete Aces Tournament Timer Texas Hold'em

Timer Texas Hold'em | v1.0.8 | 780 KB | Download


Play Texas Hold'em any where you want using Aces Tournament Timer! Don't use your old wristwatch, drag around an old laptop, use the new Aces Tournament Timer on your mobile phone or PDA. Easy and convenient, the new Aces Tournament Timer for Texas Hold'em allows you to bring the game everywhere!
Texas Hold'em is sweeping the world, showing up on television, in casinos, and at home! Run your home game or tournament using the new Aces Tournament Timer. It has a large timer which will show you exactly how much time is left before the blinds go up. It also shows what the current blinds are and what the next set of blinds will be! Use the pre-defined tournaments, or modify/create the game to the way you want to play it.


- Large timer screen that shows timer, current blind, and next blind.
- Sound options for an audio reminder.
- Portrait or landscape mode.
- Automatically start tournament on startup.
- Pause in between blind rounds or allow timer to keep running.
- Set the backlight to stay on or allow it to go off to save battery life.
- Create different tournament settings, saving them for future use.
- Use predefined tournament settings.